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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

unhappy ranting

Happy Fourth of July, this is a day I have always loved to celebrate the parades, the picnics in the parks, swimming, and all the outside activities one can imagine then the blanket in the park at dusk watching the fire works.  Wow what more could you ask for to celebrate? No TV, not cooped up with a house full of people just lots of fun and enjoying the friends and the outside. We have been in many  parades with the dogs and taken them to the ball park and watch a Baseball game and watched the fireworks and just enjoyed the day.  Now as I am about one minute from 60 I find that the fourth of July is a pain in the butt.  Today the weather is high 90's and heat index around 100 when I go out side I feel like the extra fat I have gained is literately sizzling off my bones. I just don't remember feeling this hot when I was younger: I lived in Florida for 13 years with no air condition in the car at work or at home.  I start sweating profusely and it drips off the end of my nose and ponytail.  I can't stand the sunscreen and sweat mixing on my skin.  The parades is now a source of anxiety and fear for the dogs and me, we don't go any more.  The parades are not about the independence of our country its about how much noise can each group make between the boom box music the fire engines sirens, the air horns, loud motor cycles, revving engines on modified cars, Aholes in the crowd with fire crackers and lets not for get the cannon truck that shakes the window in the building. I can not take dogs to parades or be in them any more.  We use to get put toward a part of the parade with the other animals away from the loud noises, now there is no place like that in a parade. The fire crackers start in June and last till end of Aug. the noise is to a point that it is getting impossible to keep the dogs calm at night. I have a couple that can not take the noise I use to be able to put them in the basement in a kennel with a TV on to drown out the noise and  keep them as far away  as possible but now it is every night all night.  The whining, howling and pacing at my house is unnerving for me to watch them go through.
We had fireworks in our township last night and they will be in Lansing tonight. I have no desire to go and sit in the dry crunchy grass slapping mosquito's,sweating, listing to 10 different cell phone conversation around me, then hassle with rude annoying people that are packed into these places to watch the festivities   Oh, and now you just can't get in your car and drive away, traffic jam for at least an hour and if your not as pushy and annoying as the rest you will just sit and wait. No thank you.  I am not sure if my age has pushed me past the point of enjoying the holidays or if our society has just lost touch.  Manners and politeness has become a thing of the past loud, rude and annoying has replaced it. My kids would love to go I do not, so walking in this heat has turned them off too. I long for the days when freedom and rights meant responsibility of not pushing ourselves onto others, to care about all because they have the right to not put up with our nonsense.