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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What evil lives with in humans?

How long does it take for a dogs hair to matte to the point of amputation? I am sickened and saddened to to think how long this dog was neglected then dumped like trash.
In rescue you see and hear about so much horrendous inhumane treatment that is inflicted by humans on the animals of this earth. We the humans where put in charge of all of God creachers to take care of them. We have failed on every level of this task. Humane ,adjective definition, marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals. How does one grow up and live in this society and be completely void of humanity? Does ones family pass this lack of humanity down to their off springs or do they just wake up one day and become monsters. I am not a psychiatrist nor do I ever want to be. To look in the face of people like this would keep me awake for ever. I can not begin to understand, this goes beyond ignorance this pure evil. I want to be mad as hell and punch my pillow and cuss to top of my voice, but I am just sickened to the point of tears. I can not even find peace in blogging as all I can think of is day after day someone walked by this dog and did nothing to ease its pain. Then after the skin was pulled away by the knotting matting fur they took him to a shelter in the dark of night to dump him. As this was more humane than dumping him along the side of the road. Did this ease there conscience and make them feel better about what they did? 
I can not find my strength to deal with this. I pray I will find it soon as this one is taking a big hunk of me.  May we all look into our hearts to find peace for this world is not getting better.